Overview for veganism

Veganism, and "so long as we accept violence in any form, we accept violence in every form"

As I've explained elsewhere, pretty much everyone is taught how to systematically devalue the equal needs of some. By the time we reach adulthood, this 'skill', and the meritocratic moral logic that undergirds it, are deeply rooted, though people differ in how broadly they apply it. As a consequence, hardly any of us manage to ignore the many distractions (skin color, nationality, ethnicity, intellectual ability, wealth, mannerisms, religious affiliation) we are taught to focus on, and to embody the kind of inclusiveness, egalitarianism and solidarity that, abstractly, nearly all of us know is appropriate (and required). The question I want to talk about here is how this relates to our stance on the use and killing of other animals by humans, and how our thinking about the other animals as 'inferior' feeds back into our treatment of other humans.